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InkZone Move

InkZone Move is a powerful software application for quality assurance on sheetfed or web offset presses. Available in two versions, InkZone Move Densi and InkZone Move Spectro, the system supports all established scanning color measurement devices. As an extension, InkZone Loop can be added, which turns off-line color control into a closed-loop process providing fully- automated integration with almost any model of offset press.

Repeatable Quality Measurement

InkZone Move brings more accuracy, quality and ease-of-use to the printing process at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The software integrates with scanning color measurement devices automatically and improves the ability of any press operator by offering precise adjustments for color control. The connected motorized drive which propels the color scanning instrument across the color bar assures repeatability, speed, consistency and reliability. Operators will have confidence in the solution, measurement after measurement.

Focus on Process Control

As each measurement is completed, InkZone Move displays the results in real time on the monitor. The graphical presentation is clear and easy to interpret– the control screen shows the ink key zones for each press unit along with the relevant color data including density (absolute and relative), dot gain, tone value, and colorimetry (CIELAB) along with color difference (Delta-E). The software stores all measured data in a straightforward format (ASCI/XML) – ready for further interpretation with off-the-shelf reporting applications.

From Offline Printing to a Closed-Loop Control System

With InkZone Move, operators have a powerful control and decision-making system in their hands. While the basic version is an off-line solution requiring manual ink console adjustments, with InkZone Loop, the system can be upgraded to full closed-loop operation, providing calculation of the proper corrections, and then adjustment of the ink settings automatically.

Two Versions to Pick From

InkZone Move is available in two versions: InkZone Move Densi and InkZone Move Spectro. InkZone Move Densi provides basic density and dot values to help get control of process-color printing. The Spectro version has the additional capability of displaying CIELAB and corresponding Delta-E values, which is not only helpful for spot colors, but also to meet newer printing industry standards, such as ISO and PSO, as well as guidelines like GRACoL 7. InkZone Move supports established color measurement systems for every type of installation: the SpectroDrive/SpectroJet from Tech kon and the IntelliTrax/EasyTrax from X-Rite. IZ Move connects today's scanning instruments with nearly all offset presses.

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