CMYK Distributors, Inc.
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CMKY Distributors

CMYK Distributors, Inc., is the exclusive North American distributor of Digital Information’s InkZone Ink-Presets and Closed-Loop solution, as well as the DJet double-sided imposition proofer.

InkZone Ink-Presets and Closed-Loop Technology is a press automation solution that consists of:

There are more than 3,500 installations of the InkZone solution on printing presses by all manufacturers in over 40 countries worldwide including:

The DJet, indisputably the market leader in double-sided imposition proofing, incorporates sophisticated registration technology to ensure that printing on the face and reverse of web media is accurately aligned. With speeds of up to 40 double-sided proofs per hour, the DJet utilizes Epson T-Series printers in sizes of 24”, 36” and 44.”

CMYK Distributors is also the exclusive North American distributor of The Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System.
The Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System utilizes advanced nanofiber technology featuring ceramic nanofibers on a micro-glass matrix providing outstanding reduction of calcium, spray powder, inks, oils, virus, bacteria, cysts, endotoxin and many other submicron particles through both electro-adhesion and mechanical processes down to .002 microns. The result—Zero discharge, Zero waste of incoming water.