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CMYK Distributors, Inc. Team

Mark J. Williams
Director of Sales

Mark Williams, Director of Sales, has more than 30 years of experience in the printing industry and he possesses a truly comprehensive understanding of both the dealer and manufacturer perspectives. Mr. Williams' dedication to superior customer service and passion for offering solutions that bring automation and environmental conservation to the pressroom define the CMYK difference. Mr. Williams is committed to partnering with customers to bring cutting-edge waste reduction technology into their pressrooms—saving time, money, and natural resources.

Contact Mark Williams at 973.459.0524 or to learn more about the renowned InkZone product line of press automation for sheet-fed and web presses, the DJet double-sided imposition proofer, and The Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System.

William J. Fabiano
Director of Technology

William J. Fabiano, Director of Technology, has more than 20 years of experience in the printing industry. Mr. Fabiano has a unique combination of conventional and electronic prepress knowledge, as well as extensive color and pressroom experience. Mr. Fabiano is one of only two Ugra Process Standard Offset Certified Experts in the United States. Bill Fabiano’s Ugra certification clearly demonstrates CMYK Distributors’ commitment to excellence. Mr. Fabiano oversees support, installation and training of all InkZone and DJet products in North America.

CMYK Distributors, Inc. sets the benchmark for excellence in the industry. For more information on CMYK Distributors, Inc.'s products and technical services, Mr. Fabiano can be reached at 781.858.2792 or

Robb Wollney
Technical Training Specialist

Robb Wollney is the Technical Training Specialist for the CMYK Color College on-site training program. He brings more than 20 years of experience in the printing industry to the CMYK Distributors team. Mr. Wollney’s particular area of expertise is color technology. He has installed hundreds of scanning spectrophotometers around the world and he has trained thousands of people to master press color management technology.

As CMYK Distributors’ dedicated Technical Training Specialist, Mr. Wollney provides CMYK Distributors’ customers with onsite classroom and on-press training and technical support of color LAB, color theory and scanner technology. He also provides onsite and hands-on advanced X-Rite IntelliTrax and EasyTrax workshops.

Contact Robb Wollney at 616.889.8966 or

Beth Blakey
Director, Corporate Communications & Sales Administration

Beth Blakey, Director of Corporate Communications & Sales Administration, is a public relations and corporate communications specialist. She has extensive experience in both the corporate and nonprofit arenas with prior employment ranging from Edelman to Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Ms. Blakey brings an eclectic mix of experience and insight to CMYK Distributors.

Through creative and strategic public relations, marketing, and communications initiatives, Ms. Blakey is dedicated to raising awareness of the significant impact that pressroom automation and waste reduction technology can have on the environment, as well as on the overall viability of the printing and graphics industry.

Please direct all inquiries related to media, events, and advertising to Beth Blakey at

Digital Information, Ltd. Team

Michael Haenni

Michael Haenni, President of Digital Information Ltd. In Zurich, Switzerland, cofounded Digital Information in 1990 with business partner, Christoph Bugs to supply highly efficient IT systems and network solutions to the graphics industry, In 1994, Digital Information moved to the newly opened Technopark in Zurich, Switzerland. By 1996, Digital Information was developing software products and launched version 1.0 of the legendary DI-Plot bitmap proof system.

With extensive experience in IT project management, including certification from Higher School of Design in Berne/Switzerland and the prestigious IBM Academy of Technology, Mr. Haenni is internationally recognized in the printing and graphics industry as a leading expert in automation and waste reduction technology. Together, Mr. Haenni and Mr. Bugs have revolutionized thousands of pressrooms around the world with Digital Information's incomparable InkZone Ink-Presets and Closed Loop technology. Additionally, their double-sided imposition Preproofer has become the most successful product of its kind on the market.

Christoph Bugs
Technology Director/Co-Founder

Christoph Bugs, Technology Director and Co-Founder of Digital Information, has more than 20 years of experience in the printing and graphics industry. A technological visionary, Mr. Bugs is a leading authority on products and services that enhance quality, productivity, and efficiency in the pressroom.

At 16 years old, Mr. Bugs began his professional endeavors as an electronics apprentice, after which he studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences. Upon completion of his studies, Mr. Bugs' career trajectory led to positions including field engineer, networking specialist, and CTO. In 1990, Mr. Bugs joined with Michael Haenni to found Digital Information. As Technology Director/Co-Founder, Mr. Bugs oversees all technological innovations at Digital Information.